Sunday, February 28, 2010

Student Teaching

I created this blog in my technology class in college and have not been using it but I have enjoy following Little Bean so much that I think I will begin using my blog to share with my family and friends. Student teaching has been going well working with 5th graders is amazing. I have been teaching science practically the whole time I've been there. It has been a learning experience for both the kids and I. We've been learning the moon phases which gets me and the kids outside at night looking at the night sky. We have also briefly touched on the constellations and the created a model of the earths interior. The concepts on tilt rotation and revolution and how that creates our seasons. Wow we have really looked at some complicated concepts to teach but I feel good about what the students have experienced, I used some hands on type lesson to teach the concepts so hope this helps those kinesthetic learners. They carried a globe tilted to the North Star rotated it to simulate night and day and revolved around a light in the middle of the room to represent the sun. I know I still need to review before the exam but I believe many of the students have had some ah ha moments which makes me feel good. I am procrastinating about the my Teacher Work Sample paper but will be getting this done very soon. Talk soon everybody.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Just wanted to say hi and open up a discussion on educating young children.